The Patent Shaft and Axeltree Company Est 1840


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As you will see from the picture it looks like they have been hit by a large vehicle, if anyone knows who actualy owns the gates then hopefully they should be insured.

The Contacts:
It would also help if someone had contact with anyone at the council or even know a councilor that shared an interest in preserving the gates and what they represented to the town.

The Future.
If any local business with the skills to refurbish the gates back to their former glory are interested in participating with the project, please contact me.

I found the gates and sadly once again a very sad sight. GOOD NEWS: click here.

If you feel like me that our history is being eroded just like these gates then please help me to restore these gates and the history they stand for. Did you go: Patent Shaft Re-Union

If you have any comments, photos or maybe a bit of history to add to this new website then please email to the address below. I will endeavour with your help to restore these gates and hopefully the memories they represented. WELL!! it here


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