The Patent Shaft and Axeltree Company Est 1840
The companies origins can be traced to around 1830

Re-named in 1959 to The Patent Shaft Steel Works Limited.


LATEST NEWS: I have been informed that the council own the gates.



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A little of it's History.
The Patent Shaft origins can be traced to around 1830, when a new and improved type of axle was invented .

Built up from rolled sections shaped like segments of an orange and forged under a hammer, the axle was ideally suited to railway rolling stock and, in 1840, the Patent Shaft and Axletree Company was founded, to manufacture and market the product.

At that time, railway systems were developing rapidly all over the world and the new company found considerable commercial success.

Expansions took place, culminating in 1867 - in the acquisition of a neighbouring steel making business Lloyds, Foster and Company.

The greatly enlarged company was now engaged in the manufacture of colliery engines, bridgework, turn tables, switches and crossings.

By the end of the century, resources included blast furnaces, an axle and tyre mill, soaking pits, a cogging mill and rolling mills for channels and plates.

Between the wars, it was decided that associate companies should concentrate on fabricating and wagon building and the Patent Shaft should specialise in the making and rolling of steel.

In 1951, the company was nationalised under the Iron and Steel Act of 1949, but was returned to private ownership in 1956. The company was re-named the Patent Shaft Steel Works Limited in 1959 and became a member of the Laird Group.

All that remains today are these battered gates below which I am trying to save.


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Together we can save the gates.
If you feel like me that our history is being eroded just like these gates then please help me to restore these gates and the history they stand for. WELL!! Together it worked: click here.

If you have any comments, photos or maybe a bit of history to add to this new website then please email to the address below. I will endeavor with your help to restore these gates and hopefully the memories they represented.

I would like to thank Chris Moriarty for running the article in the Express & Star as I know it will be of great help in kick starting the project.

I thank Chris and the newspaper again for keeping the article alive as I have just heard that the gates are to be repaired and re-sited.

NOTE: Patent Shaft Exhibition and re-union

Between the 5th July to 16th August 2008 there was a Patent Shaft & Axletree Company exhibition, which was held at the Wednesbury Museum & At Gallery. reunion of ex-employees there was a great turnout of workers families and friends. Many thanks to organizers:
Lets hope we see another re-union one day.