The Patent Shaft and Axeltree Company Est 1840


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The photo above shows the Patent Shaft grounds.
The 5 chimney stacks are Furnaces A.B.C.D.E.F

In the photo you can also see the local houses and schools, railway lines and canal.

I think the old social club in the car park is also visable, if you look carefully you can see a plough.

The photo above courtesy of Dave Knowles, shows the Patent Shaft grounds.


Below are a selection of pictures from the furnaces, pouring the molton metal, rolling the steel etc
when I look at the pictures I can visualise faces of family, friends and workmates that worked in those areas, maybe some of the visitors looking on the website can too.

The pictures are courtesy of June Elwell ( formerly Beardmore) I worked with her father at the shaft.

The heat was intense and it was quite dusty, it was a dangerous process when the ladle was damp.

The picture below is not a pour from the open hearth furnace, if anyone has one it would be appreciated. Below is the electric arc furnace.

Rolling the metal into various shapes, below bar and section mill.

Rolling the plate. Plate is rolled on a 4-high reversing mill. Heavy back-up rolls support the work rolls, to ensure an even gauge over the entire width of the plate.

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Gallery: If you have any photos in connection with the Patent shaft please send them and I will aknowledge them on the website.

If you have any comments, photos or maybe a bit of history to add to this new website then please email to the address below. I will endeavour with your help to restore these gates and hopefully the memories they represented.

I would like to thank Chris Moriarty for running the article in the Express & Star as I know it will be of great help in kick starting the project.

NOTE: Forthcoming Exhibition and re-union

Between the 5th July to 16th August 2008 there was a Patent Shaft & Axletree Company exhibition which was held at the Wednesbury Museum & At Gallery. There was a reunion of ex-employees and hopefully another reunion will be arranged in the future, which we will add to the website.