The Patent Shaft and Axeltree Company Est 1840


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Recognise anyone?.

Does anyone remember the nurse.

Recognise anyone or even the legs?


Gallery: If you have any photos in connection with the Patent shaft please send them and I will aknowledge them on the website.

If you have any comments, photos or maybe a bit of history to add to this new website then please email to the address below. I will endeavour with your help to restore these gates and hopefully the memories they represented.

I would like to thank Chris Moriarty for running the article in the Express & Star as I know it will be of great help in kick starting the project.

NOTE: Forthcoming Exhibition and re-union

Between the 5th July to 16th August 2008 there was a Patent Shaft & Axletree Company exhibition which was held at the Wednesbury Museum & At Gallery. There was a reunion of ex-employees and hopefully another reunion will be arranged in the future, which we will add to the website.