The Patent Shaft and Axeltree Company Est 1840


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The Patent Shaft gates are saved: Page Updated: click here
I have been informed that the gates are owned by the council. they have promised to remove, repair and re-site the gates, I have been informed the work has started and the site has been chosen. It is somewhere they can be admired by all those that remember them and the families of those that can no longer visit. Including the USA

I am not sure how the council acquired the gates but whoever gave them to the council will be I am sure disappointed in the care and attention they have had to-date, however that is I hope water under the bridge and lets look forward to seeing them in a new and hopefully safer location, I do hope the owners have them insured for the future, they of course should already be insured and as they have been vandalised the repairs will not be down to the rate payers.

Thank You:
To all those that have helped in the quest to save the Patent Shaft gates in particular the media that have maintaned the interest by the various articles about the Patent Shaft and the damaged and hidden/forgotten gates.

The Future.
Well it looks like we have saved the gates and I hope they are visited and admired by all, thanks again to everyone concerned.

I found the gates in a very sad sight, however now looking forward to seeing them again.

Hopefully we will have some good news for us all to talk about at the next Re-Union

If you have any comments, photos or maybe a bit of history to add to this new website then please email to the address below. I will endeavour with your help to restore these gates and hopefully the memories they represented. Well it looks the hard worked paid off.


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